Victor Micro MR60B

£8216.00  ex. VAT

Increase productivity with the MR60B ride on scrubber drier, priced comparable to a larger pedestrian machine but delivering up to twice the productivity. Simple to use and maintain, the MR60B should be part of the cleaning regime for every larger area. The machine is delivered complete with batteries, onboard charger and brush or pad drive.

Simple to control

Controlling the MR60 is simple and to aid operators instructions are printed onto the panel behind the steering wheel.

Mechanical Lift & Lower System for Maintenance Cost Savings

Simple levers control the raising and lowering of the brush and squeegee and the system is electronic motor free cutting repair costs in the event of failure.

Up to Twice the Productivity of a Pedestrian Scrubber Drier

The MR60 can deliver up to twice the productivity of a pedestrian machine due to its forward speed of 6 km/h.

Maximum manoeuvrability

The machine has an incredibly small turning circle of just 1910 mm, allowing it to be manoeuvred in very tight spaces.

Low Centre of Gravity & Extra Power Ramp Device

The low centre of gravity provides stability in use and the traction motor that delivers extra power when needed permits the machine to travel up gradients of 18% fully loaded.

Shock Proof Brush head & Break Away Squeegee

The brush head automatically ‘swings in’ if accidentally impacted and the squeegee will uncouple upon impact to prevent damage to the machine.

No Tool Requirement & Stronger Plastic Squeegee

The squeegee blades have 4 workable edges for maximum efficiency and can be changed without the use of tools. The plastic squeegee is not only lighter but far stronger than aluminium alternatives.

Onboard Battery Charger

The onboard charger means that the machine can be charged wherever is most convenient.

Noise Cancelling Technology to be Quiet in Use

The MR60 works at only 58 dBA for minimum disruption in a workplace.

Safety Features Prevent Problems in Use

Numerous safety features include not being able to put the machine into reverse when the squeegee is down, a park brake and beeper when in reverse. A flashing light is available as an optional extra.